How many people can I include in one bus?2023-04-28T10:39:33+01:00

With our London Routemaster buses – Phineas (RMC1462) has a maximum capacity of 57 people, Ferb( RM1977) has a maximum capacity of 64 people, for our 1961 Open top double decker “Sir Martin Frobisher” he has a maximum capacity of 71 people. Babies and toddlers must be included in these numbers. Plus no standees are allowed.

Are alcoholic drinks/food allowed on board?2023-04-28T10:30:38+01:00

This can be permitted but only after discussions and agreement with BBRBC.

How much is the deposit?2023-04-28T10:30:10+01:00

To book and secure a bus, a £200/bus deposit is required

When is the final payment due?2023-04-28T10:29:36+01:00

Final payment must be completed no later than 28 days before the hire date

Is there disability access?2023-04-28T10:28:57+01:00

Unfortunately there is no provision for disability access, due to the age of the vehicle

Is there space for buggies/wheelchairs?2023-04-28T10:28:16+01:00

There is room for one or two fold down buggies or wheelchair maximum. If space for more is required, this can be achieved by taking seats out of action to allow buggies there. However this means your passenger capacity will be decreased.

Are babies/children okay on the bus?2023-04-28T10:25:20+01:00

Yes children/toddlers/babies are allowed on board. As with all public transport the parents/guardians are responsible for their safety and conduct.

Do the buses have seatbelts?2023-04-28T10:24:55+01:00

As with modern service buses no seat belts are fitted to our vehicles, plus due to their age it is not possible to fit seat belts to the vehicles

Do you do late night journeys?2023-04-28T10:24:25+01:00

Yes we are one of only a few vintage/classic vehicle operators that will provide a late night service. There are some extra conditions that apply with late night services, that will be discussed with you on request for a late night service.

Are you a licensed operator?2023-04-28T10:23:41+01:00

Yes we hold all the correct licences to operate passenger service vehicle and comply strictly with all DVSA regulations. This means our vehicles go through regular safety checks to ensure best possible road safety.

What insurances do you have in place?2023-04-28T10:23:10+01:00

We have full vehicle insurance that covers and makes us legal for hire and reward services, including public and employers liability insurance.



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