Phineas – RMC1462

Brief history of our historic London icon – RMC 1462. Out of the 2,876 Routemaster buses of various models built, only 68 of our Routemaster (the RMC) was built, it is now believed that there are only about 15 or so left in the world, so not only is it a historic icon of London but now a very rare and special bus.
The RMC had special features over standard Routemasters in that it had less seats for greater leg room, thicker seats for more comfort, plus it had air suspension for a smoother ride and a greater road speed.In essence the RMC at its time of build was the king of the Routemaster bus. Our RMC, 1462 was built in 1962 and celebrated his 50th birthday back in August 2012.

RMC1462 Brief history

  • RMC1462 was the 10th member of a class of 68 RMC’s built for the Green Line coach services in 1962. Delivered to London Transport entering service at Guildford garage, on the Green Line routes running into Central London and beyond, mainly route 715A Guildford.
  • July 1967: transferred to Grays for use on 723/723A Grays – Aldgate service.
  • January 1970: ownership changed to London Country Bus Services, when London Transport’s Country area and Green line operations were transferred to the National Bus Company.
  • By April 1972: relegated to bus duties.
  • December 1977: Sold back to London Transport.
  • January 1978: repainted red and placed into service as a training vehicle at Hackney garage where it remained for the rest of its LT service.
  • 1988: withdrawn from active service and sold on to a dealer.
  • 1991: Acquired by Nostalgiabus.
  • 1999: Withdrawn after having an accident (possibly with a bridge!) and losing its roof!!
  • October 2008: after laying derelict for a number of years acquired by London Heritage Travel and restored including grafting a roof onto it from a standard Routemaster.
  • March 2011: given a new loving home by Red Routemaster of Reading.