Ferb – RM1977

Brief history of our historic London icon – RM 1977, entered service in 1964. Out of the 2,876 Routemaster buses of various models built, he was the standard body model type seating 64 passengers, that became  the icon image of London.

When we took ownership of Ferb in August 2018, he was in a very sorry state after being converted into a mobile theatre some years before and then being left for several years left idle in a coach park in Bristol. Much of his interior had been stripped out and various strange object attached to him. So we took him on with many alterations made to him, so scary attempts of painting him in side and a few extra holes cut into him. So in his first 18 months with us, he was fully stripped down, underneath, inside and outside, effectively gutted . Then carefully and systematically re-built back to how he was when he left the factory back in 1964. Now looking as good if not better from when he was first built.

Not only does he now look and run as good as he did in 1964 if not better. Now Ferb has a few little added extras/secrets now. To help make your journey a bit more enjoyable and fun.

  • On the upper and lower decks discreetly hidden away, there are several charging points in case your photo/camera is a bit low on charge, so now you never need to run out of battery life whilst on board;
  • Hidden away out of sight but not out of ear shot, he has a great little stereo system, where you can play your selection of music if you wish to do so;
  • Within our traditional advertising screens at the front on both decks are video monitors, with a pc back in the conductors area, so giving you the opportunity to run your favourite slide show/video  for everyone during your journey.

RM1977 Brief history

  • RM1977 ALD977B July 1964, new to Aldenham, into service on Route 134
  • 1981 used on Route 253 & 1990 move onto Route 12 (Peckham)
  • October 1994 privatised to London Central by July 1995 re-branded for Route 36
  • 1997 fitted with Scania engine by London Central
  • Last days of service on the roads of  London January 2005 after which he was withdrawn into store
  • February 2005 sold of in private ownership – Ensign Bus, (Purfleet, then having several private owners until Nov 2011 going back to Bristol Bus & Coach Sales
  • After being converted into a mobile theatre he was bought by Inter Action, Arts Centre, Kentish Town, May 2012
  • After a couple years as a play bus/mobile theatre he came back Bristol Bus & Coach, where he sat idle for a few years until 2018
  • Aug 2018, he was purchased by Berkshire’s Big Red Bus Company, where he went through a full restoration process taking around 18 months to put him back to his former glory
  • Sept 2020, Ferb went back into service, providing transport for his first wedding with BBRBC Ltd.
  • October 2008: after laying derelict for a number of years acquired by London Heritage Travel and restored including grafting a roof onto it from a standard Routemaster.
  • March 2011: given a new loving home by Red Routemaster of Reading.