Rocky the Routemaster

Or RM2208 to give him his official guise celebrated his 50th in 2015! Unlike all his red friends, Rocky is unique in that he is the only surviving Routemaster (out of 12) to carry a very special livery painted in 1979 to commemorate 150 years of buses in London. This is actually how the first buses in London looked back in 1829! As you can see from the photos, he’s a rather handsome chap!

Rocky is totally original inside and out, complete with red tartan seats and warm glowing light bulbs inside and extra heating! He spent 23 years pounding the streets of London moving hundreds of thousands of people around before moving to Glasgow to do the same there for a further 3 years for a company called Clydeside Scottish. This is where Rocky got his name, being specially hand painted near the platform. Rocky, and all his 79 other friends all had names beginning with ‘R’! Rocky then moved to Leeds spending a short time with another operator there before being bought by a preservationist in 1993 who restored him back to his former glory!

He is very well looked after and well traveled! He has been the length and breadth of the country including Scotland, Wales & the whole of Ireland! This August he’s off to Paris, Bordeaux & Brittany! Who knows where he’ll go next year!